Managing Partners




Attorneys at Law of U.S. Jurisdictions

PRC Attorneys at Law (Partners of Foreign Law Joint Enterprise)

  • Sa Ren PRC Attorney at Law

PRC Attorneys at Law

Certified Public Tax Accountants (Zeirishi)

Advisory Certified Public Tax Accountants (Advisory Zeirishi)

Labor and Social Security Attorneys (Shakai Hoken Roumushi)

Patent Attorneys (Benrishi)

Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists (Gyoseishoshi)

Judicial Scriveners (Shiho-Shoshi)

Senior Registered Architects (Ikkyu-Kenchikushi)

Land House Surveyors (Tochi Kaoku Chousashi)

Un-registered foreign lawyers work under the supervision of Gaikokuho Jimu Bengoshi/Bengoshi within the scope of “provision of services to Gaikokuho Jimu Bengoshi/Bengoshi” permitted under the relevant laws and regulations.