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If you have any concerns or issues about a divorce, please feel free to contact the Verybest Law Offices

At Verybest, we are able to answer your divorce related questions in both English and Chinese.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling divorces involving foreign nationals in Japan.

We can assist you in all matters related to your divorce, including negotiating your divorce, representing you during conciliation and court hearings, advising and negotiating on your behalf concerning matters such as property division, parental rights, child support, and visitation rights.

Please feel free to contact us if you may have any divorce related questions or concerns for our free initial 30 minute consultation.

5 Reasons to Choose Verybest

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    Roughly 360 lawyers and 74 offices nationwide
    We have roughly 360 lawyers experienced in a wide-array of legal matters, both individual and corporate, and our 74 offices nationwide allows us to service clients all around Japan.
    Support in English and Chinese

    We have international lawyers, paralegals, and staff proficient in English and Chinese, who, when necessary, can communicate with you directly or assist you in communicating with our Japanese lawyers.

    The following are some of our international lawyers.

    Lawyers Yasushi Fujii Kouhei Yokoi Nobuhiko Kunitomo Song Rixu
    Lawyers licensed in Japan, U.S.A., and PRC

    We have lawyers that are licensed in Japan, the U.S.A., and the PRC, enabling us to assist clients in various multinational issues.

    We also have a strong working relationship with various foreign lawyers and firms.

    Our lawyers assist clients in resolving issues ranging from day-to-day internal business problems to resolving multiparty disputes. Our lawyers are well-versed in the legal affairs of Japan, as well as in practicing the law of their jurisdictions.

    Industry and practice area focused teams

    We have various industry and practice area focused teams of lawyers.

    For individual matters, our practice area focused teams include those for Divorce, Traffic Accidents, Criminal Defense, Employment, and Immigration.

    One-Stop solutions

    We provide one-stop solutions to our clients.

    In addition to language barriers, foreign nationals living in Japan deal with a range of complex problems relating to taxes, employment, and finances.

    Adding to this complexity are the various legal and non-legal professionals that handle specific types of problems.

    Trying to find the right professional is confusing and time consuming.

    At Verybest, we have gathered various legal and non-legal professionals, enabling clients to solve all of their problems on a one-stop basis.

Toll-free in Japan
From overseas +81-3-5545-5896
Telephone hours: 9:30 ~ 18:00 weekdays
(Japan Standard Time)
*English, Chinese language support available
in Japan
*Telephone hours: 9:30-18:00 weekdays (Japan Standard Time)
From overseas
*Telephone hours: 9:30-18:00 weekdays (Japan Standard Time)