Managing Partner
Susumu Sakai

Managing Partner Susumu Sakai
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  • Office Tokyo
  • Position Managing Partner
  • Bar Qualifications Japan


Susumu Sakai (LL.B., Keio University) is a founder and managing partner of Verybest. At a young age, Susumu founded, a website whereby people can find and consult with lawyers on the internet, an individual oriented service that the Japanese legal market lacked at the time. Although Susumu is no longer engaged in the management of, the website is currently utilized by more than one third of all Japanese lawyers, and was publically listed in 2014 to great success.

Susumu utilized his considerable business and technology prowess again in establishing the firm now known as Verybest Law Offices. Susumu and his co-founders clearly foresaw an incredible opportunity in the Japanese legal market; the refusal or inability of the traditional major Japanese law firms to engage with individuals and small and medium sized enterprise clients. The firm has grown rapidly since its establishment and is unrivaled in its modern approach to legal practice as a service.

Professional Experience

  • 1999.3 LL.B., Keio University
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*Telephone hours: 9:30-18:00 weekdays (Japan Standard Time)
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*Telephone hours: 9:30-18:00 weekdays (Japan Standard Time)