Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Verybest comprehensively assists clients with their intellectual property needs.

The firm’s patent attorneys and lawyers can register client intellectual property rights, and advise clients on the most effective ways in protecting and licensing intellectual property rights, transferring intellectual property rights, effectively forming joint research and development agreements, and represent clients in intellectual property disputes including litigation, arbitration, civil conciliation, and mediation.

The extensive experience of the firm’s patent attorneys and lawyers in resolving intellectual property disputes allows the firm to effectively advise clients on how to protect their intellectual property rights from infringement, and to protect clients from infringing the intellectual property rights of others.

Registering Intellectual Property Rights

The firm helps clients in all phases of the application process for intellectual property rights both domestically and internationally, including informing the client on how intellectual property rights may be infringed, the resulting need to register intellectual property rights, and the process involved in the registration of those rights.

Litigating Intellectual Property Rights

Our lawyers and patent attorneys work closely to devise the most effective ways to represent clients before tribunals in intellectual property disputes that include infringement litigation, invalidation hearings, appeals, and temporary injunctions.

Licensing and Transferring Intellectual Property Rights

It is important to consult with counsel in drafting contracts to license or transfer intellectual property rights in order to avoid unexpected consequences and to anticipate and prevent future disputes from the transaction.

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