Eisuke Yoshikawa

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  • Office Tokyo
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Eisuke Yoshikawa (B.Ec., Osaka Prefecture University; J.D., Ritsumeikan University School of Law) is a lawyer with a particular expertise in securities laws and regulations. Having worked for a major listed securities firm, in private practice, Eisuke’s experience is wide ranging, but he is especially focused in shareholder litigation involving both private and public companies. Eisuke also has a strong emphasis in IPOs, regulatory compliance, advising clients on conducting meeting of the shareholders, appointment of corporate executives and the like. In addition, Eisuke has also represented clients in property disputes, and a range of general corporate and employment related matters. More unique aspects of Eisuke’s practice involve him serving as the whistleblower hotline for several publicly traded companies, serving as counsel in litigation between a franchisee and franchisor, and providing commentary on legal matters to local newspapers and television programs.

Professional Experience

  • 2007.3 B.Ec., Osaka Prefecture University
  • 2009.3 J.D., Ritsumeikan University School of Law
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*Telephone hours: 9:30-18:00 weekdays (Japan Standard Time)