Student Visas

Student Visas

Extension of student visas in Japan requires the applicant coordinating with the educational institution at which they study to prepare documentation, and thus adequate time prior to the visa expiration must be planned.

In addition to the Standard Documentation, documents required to extend student visas typically include:

  • A certificate of enrolment and attendance issued by the educational institution
  • An academic transcript or results certificate issued by the educational institution
  • Financial documentation evidencing access to sufficient amounts of money for academic and living expenses going forward. For applicants relying upon a parent, relative or another person for financial support, that person’s documentation can be submitted, provided they have prepared a statement of financial support (費用負担者の同意書 or "hiyo futansha no doi sho")
  • Other documentation typically prepared by the educational institution relating to the academic program the applicant is enrolled in. Please review any explanatory materials provided by your institution concerning student visas, or ask the relevant person in charge at your institution
  • If the applicant has studied at a Japanese language school or another educational institution prior to the institution they are currently enrolled at, they must also submit transcripts, attendance records, and a certificate of completion (as applicable) for that prior institution

Foreign nationals who have become stranded in Japan and unable to return to their home country due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible for an extension to their period of stay.

Please refer to current ISA information and contact us for further details and assistance.

For those on student visas, these measures may include an allowance to undertake paid employment in situations where the student would otherwise not have been allowed to do so.

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