Visa Extensions or Renewals in Japan

Visa Extensions or Renewals in Japan

In Japan, visas granted to foreign nationals generally have a "period of stay" (在留期間 or "zairyu kikan") of a certain length.

After expiration of this period, the foreign national’s visa, or "status of residence" (在留資格 or "zairyu shikaku") will be lost unless extended or renewed.

This page provides an overview of the extension of visa categories commonly used by foreign nationals in Japan.

At Verybest, our experienced English-speaking Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (行政書士 or "gyoseishoshi") can provide further information about the processes and documents described on this page, in addition to handling visa renewals and all other immigration related matters.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, special measures have been implemented with respect to immigration and visa extensions in Japan.

The information provided below is current as of February 2021, but the reader is encouraged to check with the Immigration Services Agency of Japan (referred to as the "ISA" on this page) for updated information prior to making any immigration decisions.

Of course, at Verybest our bilingual immigration team can assist foreign nationals in this difficult environment.

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