Employment Visas

Employment Visas

Although there are many categories of employment or work visas in Japan, the processes and documents required to extend or renew these visas is relatively similar.

Applicants must first consult with their employer so that the application form itself can be filled out correctly. Many of the required documents to be submitted can only be prepared by the employer.

In addition to the Standard Documentation, documents typically required are as follows.

Please note that some of these documents may not be required, and in other cases different documents will be requested.

A range of factors such as whether the applicant has changed jobs within their current period of stay will be relevant.

Please contact us for further details.

  • Evidence of ongoing employment with the employer such as employment contracts, or invitation or appointment letters for academic positions which provide details of the salary, position or job title, job duties length of employment and so on
  • The "certificate of registered matters" for the employer (登記事項証明書 or "toki jiko shomeisho") and other relevant registration documents such as the employer’s certificate of registry (登記簿謄本 or "tokibo tohon")
  • The employer’s latest financial statements (including profit and loss statements and balance sheets) and statement of income tax payable (法定調書合計表 or "hotei chosho gokeihyo")
  • The applicant’s income tax certificate (納税証明書 or "nozei shomeisho"), resident tax certificate (課税証明書or "kazei shomeisho") and other relevant income and taxation related documentation

Employers are likely to be conscious of the sensitive and confidential nature of some of these documents, particularly those relating to company finances.

For this reason, applicants are recommended to contact their employer well in advance of the expiration of their visa.

Although the applicant can submit the application documents themselves, many larger companies will have processes in place to handle these matters for their employees.

Please contact us for assistance if you or your employer are unsure of how to handle your employment visa extension.

Foreign nationals who have become stranded in Japan and are unable to return to their home country due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may be eligible for an extension to their period of stay.

Please refer to current ISA information and contact us for further details and assistance.

For those on employment visas, these measures may include being able to remain in Japan despite losing your job or being unable to work for reasons connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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