About Us – Why Verybest?

Why choose Verybest? We go above and beyond to provide our clients with:

Multilingual Sevices

Verybest provides translation services in the following languages:

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Japanese English Chinese
Japanese ⇔ English English ⇔ Japanese Chinese ⇔ Japanese
Chinese ⇔ Japanese English ⇔ Chinese Chinese ⇔ English

Full In-House Translation Services

About Us – Why Verybest?

What makes Verybest unique is its ability to handle translation projects entirely in-house, without the need to outsource parts of a translation project to third parties and unnecessarily disclose sensitive information, often times at significant expense to the client.

We believe avoiding outsourcing of translation also ensures consistent quality.

At Verybest, in most cases one translator will handle the translation from start to finish, which further ensures consistency.

From the initial client consultation, through to the entire translation project itself, including editing, proof reading and delivery, our translators, in collaboration with their attorney and other professional colleagues as the case may require, provide the full translation service to clients in-house.

We believe this leads to more consistent translations, higher quality, and a more efficient work flow than would otherwise be the case if we outsource our translations.

For highly sensitive materials, we also offer an additional translation review service by our attorneys, tax accountants, and other professionals.

Experienced Translators and the Expertise of a Multi-Practice Law Firm

At Verybest, our in-house translators have first hand experience with a wide range of legal, and more broadly business and professional related documentation on a daily basis.

Our translation team itself shares many years of practical experience, and a range of educational and work backgrounds, including some that have passed legal qualifications.

The structure of our firm allows our translators to easily work with their attorney, tax accountant and other professional colleagues as required, to ensure that translations are accurate and high quality.

In the rare event a translator is unfamiliar with the content of the document they are translating, they can easily contact one of their colleagues who may have worked on the matter directly, or has experience in that field of law or business.

Free Fee Estimates, Discounts and Sensitivity to Deadlines

We provide free fee estimates for translation projects and consultation about our services upon receiving the document to be translated via email, upload to our inquiry form, mail, or FAX.

After initially reviewing the project, we will provide potential clients with a fee estimate and timeframe for completion, with particular sensitivy to any required deadlines.

Of course, the document to be translated can be sent at a later date after an initial consultation with us.

As Verybest primarily operates as a law firm, we understand completely the importance of tight timeframes for projects, and the consequences of missed deadlines.

In addition, we offer discounts for clients that will or already have entered into retainer agreements with our firm.

This is of particular benefit to clients that have ongoing legal, tax accountancy, translation, and other work with Verybest.

Even the lowest fee retainer agremeent will result in a discount to our translation fee.

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